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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Skecon cosplay plans!

Brace yourselves, Skecon is coming. 
No, but really, Skecon is really soon and I must say I've been struggling with the cosplays I'd bring there and I still feel kinda unsure about these choises da hell's wrong with me, somebody halp. Anyways, I know I haven't really been posting anything here have I really posted shlit here before anyway? but I have been working on two new cosplays, and these will be the characters I'll be cosplaying in the con.

Lucy/Nyu - Elfen Lied
This is gonna be great, 'cause I won't be toasting that much and I can play with fake blood or bodypaint if you ask me. The black/grey dress and horns are self-made, but rest parts are found from second hand shops, I just realized I have to style my wig ooops.

Aiko Fabulous Niwa - Corpse Party: Book of Swag Shadows (manga)
(The girl with black hair). I didn't need to work with this that much, since she's wearing the same school uniform as Naho, but she has jewelry and some other small details that makes her sooo fab and fashionable. c; It's good to be back in the Corpse Party fandom again <3

I probably just put some nerdy clothes on or a band t-shirt or something.. Or maybe I'll bring Naho...or Shepard.. I don't know, you'll see :'D

Smell ya in Skecon! ^^

Monday, June 8, 2015

Plans for Kummacon

Kummacon is a new convention, which will be held in Oulu 14th of June. Since it's in Oulu, it will not be a problem for me to get there. My plans for this convention will be Commander Shepard's casual wear. It's comfortable, simple and nice. I've been all about Mass Effect lately, so Shepard would be just perfect choice.

See you guys in Kummacon! ^^

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cosplays got done?!?

Damn right I got something done! Though it was a small thing, fail. :'DDD

So, the cosplay I got done is the commander Shepard's dress from Mass Effect 3. I wasn't originally planning to make this dress since I'm not really that comfortable wearing dresses like that. Though I really like the design of it 8)

So pretty <3 ;u;

Here's where I started from. A dress that was supposed to be my Emily the Strange cosplay, but never became one. A good reason to give it another meaning. I can't even remember where I got this dress from... It's been around for a long while.

Here's what it looks like now! yay Now I have a fabulous dress for a date with Garrus <3

I also have something more for you to show.

Here you can see a homeless man me basically everyday. I just got home from work. No makeup is worn, plain hairdo if you can call that as one..

And here you can see a hooker me after I've shot myself with a makeup gun aka. commander Shepard costest. You can mod Shepard before actually playing the game, so basically she/he can look like you  if you want to. I'm really not playing with makeup that much with this cosplay, since Shepard is a commander, she probably has some better things to do than thinking about her looks. Unless she's having a date with someone, in my case, Garrus.  When it came to eyeshadow and lipstick, I wanted to use cold colors, since they are proven to actually fit me. Green and blue colors on eyeshadow are really hard for me to resist. Lipstick is violet, added softly on and with it I like to use lipgloss.
I will probably do a renegade version too someday, just saying~ even though I played as paragon. 
Idk, it's always interesting to see what kind of differences makeup can do.

All I have to say now is that I want to have a photoshoot with this one! 8C

Well, back to the cosplay making!
See ya soon! o/

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Commander's casual wear!

I finally played all Mass Effect games! And it was great! The storyline was just amazing and you can get to know different characters during the game. What I like most about the game is that you are the one who's making the decisions, you're not just playing as Shepard, you ARE Shepard! also romancing with other characters in the game, hohoho<3 I also have huge respect for BioWare for releasing reference pictures for cosplayers and for listening to their fans. I actually feel like I'm working with them haha. :')

I had a plan with my bro that we both will cosplay as commander Shepard from Mass Effect. Bro as the male version and I as female (duh).
What I like about this is the fact we don't have to worry about wigs, lenses or anything like that, since you can mod commander Shepard before the game. I will probably use a wig though, not sure yet...

As the fellow Mass Effect players might know, Shepard has quuite many different outfits to choose from. Different armors, casual wears... whatnot, but after me and my brother discussed about this for a while, we ended up making these;

I found a nice black hoodie to start with, since I want to have that too. It didn't have any kind of print on it or anything. The size of it was just perfect for me, all it would need now is the stripes on right sleeve and the N7 code.

puhelinlaatu <3

When I attend to cons this year, you'll probably see me wearing this quite a lot I guess. It's really something I would wear on a regular day, very comfortable and I'm able to play with makeup (even add scars if I want to hohoho~),

That's it for now! More about this later. :)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Cosplays for next year?

Sorry, but I won't write Tracon or Kemi's Mangaday summaries. Don't worry, you're not missing any interesting events that happened in the con or anything, so please forgive me~

Anyways, I've been thinking quite a lot about my cosplays for next year. Since I'm not going to any winter-cons I have whole winter time to make my costumes for summer! :)

Oichi Oda - Alternate/Kimono - Sengoku Basara

I've been working on Oichi for a few years now, and after small touches (and making the spear), it'll be ready.I actually really liked making this, since I didn't really decide the con or the year when I'll debut this, I just could make progress when I felt like it, no stress. I'm actually really excited about that I can wear it soon. If I can, I try to have some kind of winter photoshoot with this. ^^

Jill Valentine - Resident Evil

After a few months of playing Resident Evil -games, I really wanna cosplay from it. I found it quite difficult to decide which character, but for summer, I think this version of Jill Valentine would be heat-friendly. Maybe I won't toast that bad with this! :D Beware zombies!

Mary Kozakura - Kagerou Project/Kagerou Days
I just read Kagerou Days manga. It was recommended by a good friend of mine and I really really really liked it. Especially Mary. I loved her story actually I found it touching and her personality. 
QuQ  Do I need to say more?

Pyrrha Alexandra - Omega - Soul Calibur V
I'm really making things difficult to myself... Oh well. I've been playing this game for a while now, and since I played the story, I wanted to cosplay Pyrrha. At first I really didn't like her, but after the story.. well she's my favorite now. I especially fell in love with the omega -version, Not only because it looks cool, but also because it's powerful! I just love playing with it <3
I'm pretty sure I can't get this one done for this year, but I'll work on it just like I worked on Oichi -> When I have time :)

Well, these are my projects for winter now, I guess can't get bored!

-Sairu-chan's out-

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kemi's Manga day?

Yup. I'm totally going to Kemi's Manga day on 11th October. It's a small event, but it's close so I don't really see a reason why not x) It's also a great opportunity to cosplay! YEAH!

Character: Naho Saenoki
Series: Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

 I watched recently the anime of Corpse Party. I've been playing the game too, but I didn't know about the anime until last weekend oops. Anyway, I really enjoyed it! Of course it left out quite alot from the game, but if you enjoy horror and such, you'll probably like it. ^^ And I think Naho is cool in her own creepy way! 8)

See ya later!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Animeseminaari 2014 Summary

I really don't have much to write about Animeseminaari. If you were there, you know why. Here it goes..

I took a bus to Jennysja's place. CissyDella was also there. The three of us were about to go there together.  We were just chilling, watching a movie and derping~ :)
Shiro Samurai called me and asked that we change our cosplay plans. I agreed because of reasons. This means that I'd just put my Colossal Titan mask on Friday and Kosuzu on Saturday.

We woke up, got ready and went to Oulu. Jennysja and I didn't cosplay anything, but CissyDella cosplayed as Arrancar!Orihime (Bleach).
Once we were in Library (where the "con" was held at) we just looked around and saw some familiar faces. There really wasn't nothing more than just a few people, info desk and a small pile of manga..yep. Anyway, when Shiro Samurai, Hasakitsuki and Jäätynyt Enkeli arrived my Colossal Titan mask got stolen by Shiro Samurai. >8C Okay I gave it to him Well, when Shiro Samurai changed back to amazing horse, my mask changed it's owner again...

Karri plz..

Oh well, at least I was able to play with Shiro Samurai's horse mask..

Hanging out with Jean >8D

Jean Horse and Tui Kratos <3

So, we derped for a while, but soon we got bored of the Library, so we decided to go Jäätynyt Enkeli's and Shiro Samurai's gamer aunt's place and play some Wii U. Well, soon CissyDella called me and told me that Jennysja's mom was on her way to pick us up from the library. So I left ~

I have nothing more to say than Mario has a nice view there 8)
No I'm not a perv

When we reached Jennysja's place we did makeup test for CissyDella and hang out. It was nice :)

We didn't even bother to go to Animeseminaari. We barely even spent our time there on Friday so we really didn't see a point to go there on Saturday. I do like small cons, but that was just ridiculous.