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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to get spidermen run around your eyes? - False eyelashes

This post is a tutorial how to put false eyelashes on. Some of you might think this is probably stupid or unnecessary, but I know many people who doesn't know how to put them on. "What does falsies have to do with cosplay then?" False eyelashes looks really good in the pictures and they work very well with female characters! So here it goes. :)

Just as an overview of false lashes, they come in different lengths and styles. My personal favorites are Asian-brand lashes. They look often more natural because they're shorter, but because I have a packet of 20 pairs of Marlliss falsies, I'll use them until I lose them (I've already lost many pairs ._.). They look good as well in my opinion.
How many times I can use the same pair of falsies?
If you take a good care of your lashes (clean them, remove the previous glue etc.), you can wear them basically until it starts losing its shape and falling apart.

Here's a picture of my false lashes I'm using now kauhiat katokset silimien päälä
That tube next to them is the glue. :)

Feel free to try different kinds of falsies! For first timers, I'd recommend looking for shorter lashes as you want to get used to how it looks with your face first. 

Now the actual tutorial.
First step you need to curl your natural lashes. This will help keep the lashes in place and blend you natural lashes. Also make sure you've done the eye makeup, for example if you need eye shadow, put that first. 
This stick here is my eyelash-curler!

After you've curled your natural eyelashes, add just a few coats of mascara. I usually use blackest black-mascara. You can also add the mascara after you have the falsies on, but in my opinion falsies become dirty, so I prefer mascara before falsies. There ain't no right or wrong way, do how you want. :3

Next you have to measure the length of the false lashes compared to your eyes. Many of them are too long for me, so I just place glueless lash on my lashline and see how much I must cut off. You can use small scissors and cut the amount you need to.

After that is done! Apply the glue. You need just a thin line on the band of the lashes. After you've applied the glue, wait 5-10 seconds (I usually count to 10). After that, take the falsies and apply those spidermen to the right place!




Double yes!

Now I got extra hair all in the right places! 8D

Applying falsies is probably the most difficult part. It's difficult because you have to apply them as close to your lashline as possible. You can use bare hands to apply or forceps, whatever is the best technique to yourself! ^^

Well this was it! If you have something you want to ask, just leave a comment :). Hopefully this was helpful and fix me if I'm wrong with something. Also I'd be interested to hear your experiences with false lashes. Now, adios amigos!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Mikasa Ackerman # makeup and wig test

Yup. I will cosplay Mikasa Ackerman from Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan this year! All I need for this cosplay is the belts and the jacket, otherwise I have all what I need.
As you can guess from the title, I tested Mikasa cosplays makeup (+wig). I checked a few makeup tutorials for inspiration, also I needed some help with the eye makeup.

My cleansed face! (+contact lenses)

My face with done makeup! (+wig)

(You can see the contacts better from this picture)

~Eyes closed~

"Oh god.. Why?"
Well... I guess I have nothing more to say now. If you have something you'd like to ask/comment/anything, you know what to do. ^^''
~Sairu-chan is out~

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kitacon - Being serious? What is it?

On the weekend of 1.-2.3, Kitacon 6 was held in Kemi. As I've said in other posts, I of course went there! I live only 12 km away from Kemi! + Free entrance <3 Kitacon opened this cosplay year! Let's see if I remember anything!

I went to my friend's TanukiCutie's house on Friday. I have actually nothing to say about that day, we were just hanging around and derp like usual. So yup.. Nothing interesting. ._.
On Saturday-morning TanukiCutie's awesome dad took us to Kemi's Sauvotalo the building where the con was held. When we arrived, I saw some familiar faces, like Jäätynyt Enkeli, Hasakitsuki and Valkoinen Samurai. My friend TanukiCutie had to leave the con early for her personal reasons, so I had to say good-bye for her, so sad you couldn't enjoy the con :(. During the event we met more familiar faces and just went up hanging around the con building and soon Valkoinen Samurai photoshooted my Shiemi cosplay yay<3
Cosplayer: Me (Shiemi Moriyama, Ao no Exorcist)
Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

 I didn't do anything special on Saturday. The whole day just went by chatting with people, checking the con building + dealers hall and eating in Chinese restaurant.. So again.. nothing that interesting to mention. Or at least I can't remember, sorry... I stayed in the con pretty much as late as I could, then my mom came and drove me home. My mom was actually in the con too. She went to maid cafe with my little brother and bought a skull ornament and a skull woolly hat from Octopussy Clothing's table. Yes, she likes skulls.

On Sunday I tried to wake up early and somehow managed to, but then again, I was super laggy and just lazy. But not that lazy that I couldn't put my cosplay on :'D. So I just put my Rangiku cosplay on (the wig was borrowed from CissyDella, thanks to her <3). After I was done I jumped to the bus and went to the con. During that bus trip nothing interesting really happened, but it was really uncomfortable. Don't ever go to the con by bus with a Rangiku-cosplay on, especially when there's a drunk guy. .____. When I arrived to the con I found Bleach cosplay group! (aka. Gin Ichimaru (Valkoinen Samurai), Ishida Uryu (Jäätynyt Enkeli) and Rukia Kuchiki (Hasakitsuki) <3) We tried to have a photoshoot but.. Well we weren't able to get any serious-business-pics xD. It was pretty much just derping.. but then again I was able to have a solo-shoot for my Rangiku cosplay.
"Shooting time shooting time.."
Cosplayer: Me (Rangiku Matsumoto, Bleach)
Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

Some hours later it was time for FFFight (improvised one). We didn't really have anything else to do, so we went watch it. I must say it was pretty entertaining. Especially the final fight between the Dubinators and The challengers! It was really awesome and epic. My congrats for the winner! No, I don't mean the maids >8D

After that it was pretty much just hanging around again. And soon it was all over I had to leave. I was able to go with CissyDella and Jennysja <3.
Don't you think that you can just run away yet!
Bonus pics!

 Grumpy is grumpy :c
 I really don't approve this sh*t but then when you're super laggy and tired, you have no choice xD. 
Thanks Skrillex for giving me this <3
 "I'm so fabulous!"
This is what happens when I get the Kratos plush. It's so cute <3 ;w;

Getting tired of all crap? You're free now!
See you soon in other post what ever it will be! o/

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Testing contact lenses #Geo Bambi Sesame Gray

Yeah~ Another post of contact lenses, this time gray gay lenses. Gray color was needed actually for Miku cosplay, but it actually works also for Rangiku Matsumoto though they might be too "kawaii" for her, but makeup can make changes. Well, anyway, have some pictures of the lenses, that's what you wanted to see, right? ^^''

I apologize the quality of the pics, they are taken with a phone, deal with it
My eyes without contacts
With contacts
See the difference? Good!
Now from distance..

I have nothing more to say I guess. If you have something you want to know about these contact lenses, just ask by leaving a comment below. :3

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Flower warning!

As you know I'll cosplay as Shiemi Moriyama (kimono-manga version) in Kitacon 6 (1.-2.3.), so here's the thing, the cosplay was almost done, but there was something missing from it, and that was kimonos flower print and the hairband.

 Those kind of flowers as you can see from this picture.

So all I had to do is just paint flowers, I only have a "before" picture of the sleeves;

The blue paint is sprayed to sleeves and hem. I mixed the blue color and water into a spray bottle, you can guess the rest.

Now excuse me, I'll spam flowers here!
The first flower I painted. I must say I like painting flowers but I suck at it!
Probably the only good picture of the flowers xD
such skills
much quality
Okay, when the flowers were painted, there were only the hairband I have to mod. I was about to just go with my pink hairband with a black bow tie on it, but... meh. This still didn't mean I couldn't use it at all, the pink hairband could be used as the base of it.
First I had these two same sized and shaped white pieces of fabric -> I sewed them together, added black lace, flowers and took the black bow tie from the pink hairband and added it somewhere between the flowers -> finished it and the result looked like this:
K, not like this exactly.. 
 "..Close enough..."
Okay, better for me if I roll outta here right now.. Bye! o/

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Contact lenses test #Flora Gerbera Green

Hello again everyone! o/
This post is about my green lenses I tested today before going to school (school started at 12.30 today~). The color was really deep green, which why they caught my interest. I had to take pictures outside 'cause it's waaaay too dark in our house. Yes, I live in darkness. The lenses were really easy to apply and were really comfortable, I didn't actually even feel like wearing contact lenses at all! I actually rolled to school with them~

 My eyes without contact lenses

My eyes with contact lenses...

..and from distance
I have nothing more to say about these I guess, if you have something you want to ask, just leave a comment! :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Shiny Umbreon Photoshoot

19th January I had Shiny Umbreon photoshoot at Valkoinen Samurai's place. As usual I had to wake up pretty early, 'cause it gets dark here pretty early in Winter. I was cold outside (Thanks Sherlock, we would all be lost without you) so the photoshoot itself was quick. Though I don't mind about that, I didn't want my photographer to freeze..
Okay, less talk, more pictures!

Cosplayer: Me
Photographer:  Valkoinen Samurai

I guess I have nothing more to say than thanks for the photographer! And now, bye bye!