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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Animeseminaari 2014 Summary

I really don't have much to write about Animeseminaari. If you were there, you know why. Here it goes..

I took a bus to Jennysja's place. CissyDella was also there. The three of us were about to go there together.  We were just chilling, watching a movie and derping~ :)
Shiro Samurai called me and asked that we change our cosplay plans. I agreed because of reasons. This means that I'd just put my Colossal Titan mask on Friday and Kosuzu on Saturday.

We woke up, got ready and went to Oulu. Jennysja and I didn't cosplay anything, but CissyDella cosplayed as Arrancar!Orihime (Bleach).
Once we were in Library (where the "con" was held at) we just looked around and saw some familiar faces. There really wasn't nothing more than just a few people, info desk and a small pile of manga..yep. Anyway, when Shiro Samurai, Hasakitsuki and Jäätynyt Enkeli arrived my Colossal Titan mask got stolen by Shiro Samurai. >8C Okay I gave it to him Well, when Shiro Samurai changed back to amazing horse, my mask changed it's owner again...

Karri plz..

Oh well, at least I was able to play with Shiro Samurai's horse mask

Horse is my only friend

 But then I got Kratos plushie <3 ;w;

So, we derped for a while, but soon we got bored of the Library, so we decided to go Jäätynyt Enkeli's and Shiro Samurai's gamer aunt's place and play some Wii U. Well, soon CissyDella called me and told me that Jennysja's mom was on her way to pick us up from the library. So I left ~

Mario is there like: "Dat view! B)"

Well, at Jennysja's place we did makeup tests and such. It was nice :)

We didn't even bother to go to Animeseminaari. We barely even spent our time there on Friday so we really didn't see a point to go there on Saturday. I do like small cons, but that was just ridiculous.

Närcon 2014 Summary

I know this came quite late and I'm sorry about it. Let's just move on to the actual summary!

I and Jäätynyt Enkeli headed to the bus station. We took a bus to Luleå Luuläjä. Our train to Stockholm would be there. The trip went well. Nothing interesting happened. Everything was just fine! :)

Jäätynyt Enkeli Leevi-sewoke me up somewhere around 10 am. There was about 1 hour until we were in Stockholm. When we got there, we searched the area where are the Närcon busses, which we found pretty soon. 
When we finally made it to the con area, we looked for that expected loooong con band line, but a great surprise was that there wasn't one. Närcon had 4 con band stations, so there wasn't just one long line! Yay! <3
After we got our con bands, we searched for Psycho Cat. We were sharing a hotel room with her. ^^ When we finally found her, all three of us rolled to the hotel! 8)
In the hotel we chilled for a while and changed to our cosplays. It was so hot in the outside it wasn't funny anymore! ;A; When you got out, it was like a warm wall hit you! And my Mikasa cosplay wasn't really heat-friendly.. and I knew it all the time... Why I didn't just take that Child!Mikasa cosplay?? Jäätynyt Enkeli cosplayed suit!Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin DUH and Psycho Cat cosplayed Kabuto from Naruto!
At the con we hanged around and checked the Dealer's Hall rooms. I swear it was like a labyrinth! :'D Later Jäätynyt Enkeli and I went to hang out with some good friends of Jäätynyt Enkeli's, Yuri, Raven and Kim. They were really fun and awesome to hang out with. I enjoyed my time with them! ^^

There was this wall with different "good-to-know" -posters.

Le con band~

Later in the evening (I assume somewhere around 10 pm) I and Jäätynyt Enkeli went back to the hotel to sleep. It was a bit cooler in the evening. We were both toasting for the whole day! ;__; Shower plz!!!

Friday came. The three of us ate and then put our Friday-cosplays on, which were Anna Irving (me), Pregame!Kratos (Jäätynyt Enkeli) and Kabuto (Psycho Cat) ^^
We walked to the con and went to check a few sellers. Jäätynyt Enkeli bought a SnK-fan. It really was a hot day again, so of course a fan was needed! Soon after that Jäätynyt Enkeli and I went to find Lloyd mah boy <3 Psycho Cat went to hang out with her own friends. ^^ 
Once we found Lloyd we had a small time fuck/Aurion family shoot. 
After the shoot, we went watch the CMV's. The CMV's were a warm-up for the actual cosplay competition. We didn't watch the cosplay competition tho, but the CMV's were great! ^^ After that we said good nights for Lloyd'  and her company (Colette and Veigue) ^^ 

Photographer: Windwakerwolf, thanks to her! ^^

I was really looking forward to Saturday because of the Tales of -gathering! Like last year, I cosplayed Sheena and Jäätynyt Enkeli cosplayed Kratos (Tales of Symphonia). Psycho Cat put her Amaimon (Ao no Exorcist)  cosplay on! She was so awesome~ Too bad I didn't have my Shiemi cosplay on! 
We went to the con together, but Jäätynyt Enkeli and I had a meet to catch! The meet was at 11, but because of the merchandise checking, we went there at 12, but it was fine. Congoers were able to take pictures of Tales of -cosplayers. ^^ Though the "meet" was quite lame. I mean, I'm used to that if we have a meet, people are there about 2 hours hanging out, and taking pictures, but this wasn't like that. Tales of -cosplayers gathered, people took group pics aand it was over. ._. I'm sorry, but it was lame.

Photographer: Sofia Kuiri <3

After the "meet" we went to check the merchandise sellers again. I bought this fabulous Colossal Titan mask. It was probably the main thing I had to look for in the con! 8) 

Some figures~ I bought a Hijikata (Hakuouki) figure from there hihihi ~<3

asdfghjklöä <3

Jäätynyt Enkeli went with Lloyd to have a talk, so I hung around with Colette and Veigue. I watched them playing Tales Xillia 2 and posed for some people who wanted to take pictures of my Sheena cosplay. All the nice comments really made me happy <3 I mean Sheena is so important character for me ;w; Colette, Veigue and I went also check the Dealer's Labyrinth again and also drew some awesome sketches! I tried to draw Lloyd and Colette, but I couldn't finish it! :c Oh well~ During that my Sheena cosplay turned not to be so comfortable. I really couldn't breathe with it properly, I guess it was because of the obi. Well, after Lloyd and Jäätynyt Enkeli were done, I and Jäätynyt Enkeli decided to go take a brake in the hotel. Some details from Jäätynyt Enkeli's Kratos cosplay went missing and soon his other bootcover snapped meh. Now we had a really good reason to go back to the hotel. 
We changed our cosplays to casual-SnK-cosplays. Me as Mikasa and Jäätynyt Enkeli as Levi. We went back to the con and spend rest of the day with Yuri, Raven and Kim. We ate at McDonald's because there really wasn't anything else nearby. Well.. we missed the Tales of Panel, but good thing I we were able to watch it afterwards from the internet at least. Later in the evening I decided to transform...
Plot twist, Colossal Titan is actually Mikasa... NOT

We were about to go sleep, but then we ran into Levi and Eren cosplayers and I just couldn't resist taking pictures with them! >8D

Fear me! >8D

After taking pictures we finally reached the hotel. At the same time as Psycho Cat actually. :'3 

Laggy day~ I really didn't feel like cosplaying, but we saw Alfred Drevis and Aya Drevis cosplayers on other days, so I was kinda hoping to see them again. So we put our cosplays on! I was Aya and Jäätynyt Enkeli was Dio (both from Mad father) and Psycho Cat put some parts of Amaimon.
In the con we didn't really do anything more than just sitting, and chilling and looking after Yuri, Raven and Kim's luggage. Oh oh oh! We also DID see the other Mad Father cosplayers! They also had Dio with them! 8D

Nihihihihi~ Hopefully dad is proud of me now! eiku

Well.. Soon both of us changed our cosplays to normal clothes and went to the line for the Närcon bus to take us to Stockholm. That was the start of our way back home. I really miss the awesome people I was hanging around with in the con! Thank you guys SO MUCH <3 ;_;

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tracon Cosplay Plans~!

Tracon is held in Tampere, 13th-14th September, which means this weekend! I'll take a train to Tampere on Friday.
Let's get to the plans!

Chizuru Yukimura - Geiko - Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan
 I really want to cosplay geiko!Chizuru more than just once this year~! And of course I want more pictures of this cosplay if just possible! ;u; <3

Chizuru Yukimura - Oni - Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan
Geiko!Chizuru isn't the most comfortable cosplay, so the answer is oni!Chizuru! Why not default version of Chizuru you ask? Because oni version works better for evening~ 8)

Kosuzu - Hakuouki: Sweet School Life

I found it quite difficult to decide the Sunday cosplay. I was about to go as gothic lolita or casual, but of course they didn't really inspire... Well, Kosuzu seemed to be okay. I mean, the school uniform is comfortable and cute. >u<
But what's with that haircolor?!?! >8C

  Nähdään Traconissa! :'33

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shingeki no Kyojin Photoshoot!

 A day before going to Närcon, me and Jäätynyt Enkeli had a photoshoot of our SnK -cosplays. I had my Mikasa cosplay, and Jäätynyt Enkeli was suit!Levi. Shiro Samurai was the photographer. Oh! And sorry for being so lazy to write ;_; Have dem pics!

Auttakaa minua

I know you want them :'D
Because sunglasses makes everything cooler~

I got the mop! >8D

"Mother of Titan!"

 Swiggity swaeger, there's no Eren Jaeger ._.

Levi plz

Mikasa's not amused!

Okay this was it! 
See ya later!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cosplay plans for Animeseminaari

Yup, I'm coming to Oulun Animeseminaari (Oulu's Animeseminar)! Animeseminaari will be held at Kaupungin Kirjasto (city's library) this time. Anyway, here are my plans.

Character: Kosuzu
Series: Hakuouki: Reimeiroku
I heard from Shiro Samurai (aka. Ibuki Ryunosuke) that there are good photoshoot locations nearby the "con". That's a reason good enough for me to put Kosuzu on.

Character: Colossal titan (mask)
Series: Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on titan
I bought this beautiful thing from Närcon just for laughs. All the senpais shall notice me now! >8C Who said that you have to be serious all the time? :'D About clothing with the mask, I guess I'll just put my "Hungry Like a Titan" t-shirt on and call it a day :'D.

See ya in Animeseminaari!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bring on the Animecon!

The weekend after Skecon was time for Animecon (Kuopio, Finland)! I don't have much to write about the con, but it should be okay, since I don't have much pics either. Here it comes!

I went to CissyDella's place, since her mum would drive her, me and Natsuwtfu to Kuopio early in the morning. Nothing worthy-enough-to-mention happened on that day. We tried to work with CissyDellas Prototype Viktor (League of Legends), but because of errors, we couldn't finish Viktor. ;_;

We woke up somewhere around 3.45 am to get ready. CissyDella gathered pieces of Viktor together and rolled with it. She looked awesome! :'3 Natsuwtfu lent my Naruto wig. 8) And I rolled with my Mikasa (SnK: Hangeki no Tsubasa) -cosplay. When we were ready, CissyDella's mum drove us to Kuopio.

Le con band

It was hot in the con! Mikasa cosplay wasn't heat-friendly, black wig, dat jacket and belts ;_; I was toasting! I can only imagine how hot CissyDella's Viktor cosplay was! ;A;

CissyDella took part of the Cosplay Date, so me and Natsuwtfu went watch it! 8) It was really entertaining. I really enjoyed it. <3

After the Cosplay Date me and Natsuwtfu went buy tickets to the Anime concert. During that I found ShinigamiUchiha as cleaner!Levi. Yay<3 We had time so we went to have a "photoshoot". It was more like taking proof-pictures. Anyway, we had fun! x3 We didn't have a photographer, so we had to ask someone random congoer if he/she could take pictures. Luckily we found Ejaki aka. suit!Levi! I met Ejaki during the trip when we stopped  to eat something. She recognized me as Mikasa and told me she'll be Levi. ^^ It was so nice to meet you <3

Cosplayers: Me (Mikasa Ackerman) ShinigamiUchiha (cleaner!Levi)
Photographer: Ejaki

Typerä nainen, ei siivoaminen mitään auta! >8D eiku 

Damn belts! >8C 

Selfie with our suit!Levi :'3

After photo-taking episode ShinigamiUchiha went to hotel to change cosplay. Ejaki also went somewhere to her friends, so I was alone. I went check the Dealers Hall and found 2 swaggy SnK T-shirts. Soon after that, I found Natsuwtfu. I couldn't stand the heat anymore, so I decided to change my clothes to something more casual, but still fab. Well, I had two new t-shirts now so..

I rolled rest of the day looking like this. ^^

Soon it was time for the concert. I and Natsuwtfu went to the line, which was really long. o -o We didn't have to wait for long though. Line moved quite fast when the doors opened. The concert itself was great <3 I really enjoyed it and cried It was so beautiful! ;u; They had these awesome AMV's with the music and this really talented opera singer! ;A; They played music from animes like Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Shiki, My Neighbor Totoro and Silver Fang AND more. I remember only those what I listed. ^^''

When the concert was over we chilled for a while and wait for our friends to arrive. When they did, soon all four of us went to hotel. CissyDella was already there with lattiakaakeli and this other person ^^ 
We decided not to go to the evening party. We had a lot of fun with this group we had.  We headed to town to buy some pizza and soda. After that, went to the hotel to have a party of our own. 

Sunday came! I put my Erika (Pokémon HG/SS) cosplay on. CissyDella was Kofuku (Noragami) and Natsuwtfu rolled with casual. ^^ 
The weather was nice. It wasn't too hot or cold. Just perfect... Or it was until it started raining.
Luckily I had my fabulous pink umbrella with me. It really was needed!

There isn't much to write what I did on Sunday. We mostly chilled and walked around. It was really nice to see some friends I don't see that often. Especially Mey-chan, who I've been searching for whole Saturday. She was so cute with her Gabumon (Digimon) gijinka ;w; It was so nice to meet you! 

Taken by SleeprunnerInc. 
The camera was time traveling I guess, so please, don't mind the date xD

The con itself was very nice. I really enjoyed my time there with awesome people. Thanks guys, you made the con even better <3  
One last thing!

This years theme song for Animecon! 
-gasps and runs- yay~ <u<

Saturday, August 2, 2014


During the 4th-6th July was Skecon in Skellefteå. Sorry for writing this so late, but I assume it's better to write later than never, nee~? I can't remember all the details or anything the reason why the text is so lazily written, but oh, what the hell! Here it goes~

I went to Jäätynyt Enkeli's place since it's a lot easier for me to go to the con from there than from where I live. There simply isn't no one to drive me to the bus station early in the morning. ._.

Me and Jäätynyt Enkeli went to the bus station somewhere at 7.40 am. It was raining cats and dogs, but we managed. When we finally reached the bus station we took the bus to Skellefteå when it arrived. Hasakitsuki and Shiro Samurai took the later bus.
At Skellefteå, a friend of Jäätynyt Enkeli's, blackcat69 kindly offered a ride to the con area. We were really grateful for that since it was raining in Skellefteå too. ;w; <3
When we arrived to con, we took our stuff and umbrellas and went to the line. The line was for con bands. It didn't take long to stand there though~ yay<3.
After we got our con bands, we just chilled and had a look around the building. We also checked the Dealers Hall and the con scheme. Jäätynyt Enkeli got interested of the Mario Kart: Double Dash 2 vs. 2 tournament~ <w<

When Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki arrived I locked myself in the ladies room to change to my cosplay. I guess Hasakitsuki and Shiro Samurai did the same. ^^'' The three of us cosplayed from Hakuouki, Hasakitsuki as Chizuru Yukimura, Shiro Samurai as sick!Okita Souji and me.. geiko-version of Chizuru.
I thought it took long from me putting the cosplay on, but the rest of Hakuouki-group wasn't ready yet when I came out. Oh well..I got lots of nice comments about my cosplay, which made me really really really happy! ;A; <3 I mean, geiko!Chizuru is one of my dream cosplays~ Thank you guys! Q-Q <3

Soon after the rest of the group was ready we went check the merchandise again. We then went to info desk where Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli singed in to the Mario Kart tournament. Shiro Samurai  got interested of the tournament as well, yay! We walked for a while, chilled and chatted with some people, but not for long since it was time for the tournament. I had a feeling that Jäätynyt Enkeli and Shiro Samurai would win that hohohoho~.
Even when I was watching the tournament with Hasakitsuki, it was really exciting! 8) Hengessä mukana!! I remember Shiro Samurai showing his hands shaking and Jäätynyt Enkeli wasn't realxed either.^^'' Totally understandable.

 Le random pic from the tournament

And guess what... VICTORY FOR OUR GEEKY DUO! <3 >8D Nihihihii~ It was a great moment! Moment of victory! XD

After the tournament we went outside to have a photoshoot of our Hakuouki-cosplays;

Cosplayers: Me (geiko!Chizuru Yukimura) Shiro Samurai (sick!Okita Souji)
Photographer: Jäätynyt Enkeli

I also took pictures of Shiro Samurai with Hasakitsuki ^^


  Ochimizu is finally mine! >8D

Later we all got tired and we went to sleeping hall well.. to sleep~

I guess Jäätynyt Enkeli woke me up in the morning. I actually felt like staying in my fabulous sleeping bag, Pinkpod, since it was cold! It was warmer outside, so that was a reason good enough for me to get up oh and also the con itself. Hasakitsuki and Shiro Samurai went to the con before us.
Before we headed to the con building we changed to our cosplays. Jäätynyt Enkeli rolled with his original Len Kagamine cosplay and I went with "Am I a Human?" version of Luka. I didn't do any kind of makeup test before con for Luka, so I had to improvise. Anyway, when we were done, we headed to the con~. Soon I had to disappear for a while. I promised a friend of mine that I'd cut her wig, and so I did! It was an easy task, just a few cm's off. :'3 I'm happy that my friend was happy with the outlook of the wig~ >w<
Hasakitsuki and Shiro Samurai went to take part of the martial arts display outside. I and Jäätynyt Enkeli waited somewhere outside .
When the clock was closing to 20.00, all four of us went back inside the con building. Why? Because Vocaloid concert! That's why! 8D We all were cosplaying from Vocaloid on that day for a reason. Hasakitsuki cosplayed her original schoolgirl version of Meiko she was so pretty! ;^; and Shiro Samurai was cosplaying his original kimono version of Gakupo.
There was this awesome con worker who gave everyone in the audience glow sticks. I was too laggy to react, but I got at least one! :'D

 Isn' Meikos smile pretty? ;w; Taken by Shiro Samurai

 The concert itself was an amazing experience! I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't any songs from Kaito or Meiko or Gakupo, but no, I'm not complaining! I recognized a few songs, like "Senbonzakura" (Miku Hatsune) and "Just be friends" (Megurine Luka). ^^ I really enjoyed the concert~!

When the concert was over, we went outside for hoppborg photoshoot 8D

Cosplayers: Me (Megurine Luka)
Photographer: Shiro Samurai

After the photoshoot I saw a few of my friends from last years Skecon. We chatted for a while about jigglypuffs and metapods... stuff. And I joined the dark side with Meiko. :'3

Ignore this
 We were about to go to hoppborg, but there was these damn kids without a Skecon band! The hoppborg was meant to only for congoers. >8C

Tears of blood..
We went back inside the building, to the couches near the staircase. I really wanted to sit since my feet hurt like hell.. And no wonder why.. I took my boots off and my feet were covered in blisters. Hasakitsuki had plasters for blisters, so yeah.. She helped me a lot! ;___; She had to use all her plasters for my feet. I could walk again after so thank you so much Hasakitsuki you saved my feet! ;^; <3

We all agreed we were hungry, you know what that means?


You can see the real face of beautiful "Toast! now!", if you scroll down THIS post.
You can guess that we went to cafeteria to get some toast. I have problems with speaking Swedish, so Hasakitsuki helped me a lot. :'3 Thanks to her again <3 I'm helpless dangit ;_;
After we ate and drank and whatever we did, we went to sleeping hall.. I think. I can't remember anymore! o -o

Sunday came. Just like last morning, this morning was also cold, but I got up and dragged my stuff to con, where I changed to my cosplay. Shiro Samurai (Okita Souji), Hasakitsuki (Chizuru Yukimura) and I (Senhime) had Hakuouki: Sweet School Life group. Jäätynyt Enkeli cosplayed Ishida Matt from Digimon.
Soon when all of us had our cosplays on, we went outside to Hoppborg photoshoot.
Cosplayers: Me (Senhime), Hasakitsuki (Chizuru Yukimura)
Photographer: Shiro Samurai

After photoshoot, this con worker came and told that Jäätynyt Enkeli and Shiro Samurai won something. Me and Hasakitsuki stayed outside waiting for them. We didn't have to wait long though, soon they came back with golden trophies and present card to a gaming shop they won from Mario Kart: Double Dash tournament. ;w; It was so amazing! I was so happy for them~! X3 Congrats again! <3

 Trophy feat. Okita and Heisuke >3<

We went back inside, to the cafeteria for the last time. I can't remember what I ate/drank, but I guess it doesn't matter. We had to leave soon anyway. We had quite a lot of stuff to carry, so we asked con workers if one of them could drive us to the bus station. Well, we got a ride, by blackcat69! Thanks to her so much! <3 ;u;
When we made it to bus station, we still had time about 1 hour. So we went to this Chinese Restaurant. I guess it was the same restaurant we were in last year.. 
After we ate, we went back to the bus station, and soon started our trip back to home. :'3 But I won't let you go yet! 


 What do you mean I like plushies?


Antennas :D

Oh! And ONE last thing!

This was playing in the backround on Sunday! XD
Anyway, you're free now! Bye! o/