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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cosvision cosplay plans

Since Cosvision is already in 23rd-24th April, I guess it would be great time to post my plans for it. 
I honestly wasn't really planning to go there at first, but then Shiro Samurai and Frozen Angel talked me to it. Couple of good friends does quite a lot since I've been feeling slightly uncomfortable going to bigger cons for a while... Even so I want to stay positive and believe we'll have a great time there. :') Too bad Ronya couldn't come though ;__; 
Now to the cosplays;


Character: Shiny Umbreon (the edgy dark type)
Series: Pokémon

I have cosplayed Shiny Umbreon before, sure, but the design I'm going for this time has changed. I'll try to make a post of it b4 duh con. The whole idea became somewhere in the middle of a night. I have been struggling a lot with the Saturday cosplay. I was also considering some other eeveelutions like Leafeon or even Sylveon. After some more thinking and considering I came to the conclusion that redesigning would be faster and easier, yay!

Bloody Sunday

Character: Super Sonico  (the best girl)
Series: SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation

Sunday cosplay was easier to decide since I should be able to drive while wearing it if I don't have time to change normal clothes (or am just too lazy to do so). Also Sonico is waifu. 

See you in Cosvision!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Male characters I want to cosplay

As you have probably noticed, I haven't really cosplayed as male characters that much. The only ones  I've cosplayed are actually Sasori (Narto), Kimono Naruto (Neruto), Sasuke (Nardo) and Ciel Phantomhive (Black Buttler), out of these men I would probably cosplay as Ciel again.. once I've remade the costume. There still are more men I would like to cosplay. I don't really feel comfortable cosplaying male characters since I really am short and round, but I still want to cosplay at least some of these men. Obviously I won't include gender bends in this list.

Let's begin!

Itward - Fran Bow

Itward is this lovely skeleton gentleman. I've been obsessed over Fran Bow for a while, so of course I'd like to cosplay from it. I was considering the protagonist herself, but I don't think I could pull her off, so that's when I thought about Itward. I could actually use my bodypainting skills with him, he's also my favorite character from the game. :)

Todou Heisuke - Hakuouki

I've been thinking about cosplaying him for many years, but have been waiting because reasons. Hakuouki is one of my favorite series, and I want to cosplay more characters than Chizuru. From the shinsengumi men I think Heisuke would work for me the best. <3

 Connor Kenway - Assassin's Creed III

Of course I want to make at least one AC man! I have planned to make two female characters from different AC-games, but I also want to make a man, and that man would be this guy! I am not 100% sure will this ever happen, but hey, one can dream. I want to be manly man too!

Jiroutachi - Touken Ranbu

This list wouldn't be complete without at least one cross-dresser, lol. I've always liked Jiroutachis design, I can't help it! the more I think about it, the more I want to cosplay him, haha somebody halp

Otegine - Touken Ranbu

Yes. Otegine. I like him! Also I like that jacket, those armors.. and that spear tho. B) To get noticed by husbando, you have to become husbando! 
Otegine and Jiroutachi won't probably be the only TouRan characters I'll cosplay.

Do you have a male character you'd like to see me cosplay? 
Leave a comment below :)


Sunday, February 28, 2016

Super Sonico test

Super Sonic(o) is my waifu 4 laifu. I was about to cosplay her on Sunday in Närcon Vinter, but because we weren't able to stay in the con that long that it would've been worth it, I decided not to even bother finishing the whole thing. The costume itself will have it's own post and about NCV, I'll post a summary of it when I get rest of the pics. ^^

The version of Sonico I want to cosplay.

I can't do that moe-animu-eye makeup anymore ._. If anyone has a tutorial for that, it would be helpful. Just keep in mind that my eyes are very small .__. Finding fitting tutorials is difficult. 
At least I tried. How did I do?

~Sairu-chan's rolling out~

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Creepy convention stories - The first

I'm not writing this to scare people off and make people think that conventions aren't safe, absolutely not. For the beginning I'd like to say that if you encounter a person who's being creepy towards you, or you just feel really uncomfortable, contact the staff of the convention. Those guys are there to help you. I had encountered a few creepy people in conventions before, but this one's special 'cause he is the first one.
I'd like to use alphabets when talking about people, I want them to stay anon.

So, this one Summer me and my friends A and B, went to the con. We've been in this convention before, but this time it had a new location and such. I was so excited about this convention and I'm still going there. I've always had a fun time there. And I still do. We are all cosplayers and had a fun time. Soon the day was over and we had change off from our cosplays and go to sleep. I changed to my regular clothes quite fast, so I decided to wait for A and B. I didn't want to go the sleeping halls alone, I don't know the area. What if I get lost? It was a lot better to just stay and wait. I was waiting for a while and during the wait I meet two people, C and M. They kept me company and were just really nice to me. I thought they were chill. We had a nice time chatting and telling awful jokes, heh. Rest days of the convention went just fine.
As soon as I get back home, I checked my facebook, I noticed that C and M added me, cool, I don't mind keeping in touch with some new con-friends I made. Boy was I wrong.. If I just knew C a bit better.
We chatted a lot after the con. We basically talked about games, animes, mangas, cons, cosplays, stuff like that. It didn't take long until M confessed that she had a crush on me. I kinda expected it, but she was cool when I said no. We're still friends to this day. Then there was C. I enjoyed our conversations together. But after M confessed me, C confessed that he had a crush on me too. I wasn't interested in him like that, I only wanted friendship, not anything weird.

 What went wrong with this was when I said no, he got mad at me. He didn't talk to me for a while, and when he finally did, it was about his depression. Of course as I nice person I am, I listened to what was going on with him. I'm not the best person to talk about this kind of subject but at least I tried. I asked him if there was anything I could do to help him, for example talk about a certain subject to take his mind somewhere else, he popped up with a question "Can you send me a picture of your boobs? It would calm me down.". I was like 15 and felt really uncomfortable I said no and the reasons why, he stopped talking to me for a while. After the time passes he started chatting with me again, like nothing happened. Well I decided to leave his weird question behind and start over. Then he popped with that question again. And again I said no, He apologizes his rude question, and I forgave him. Right after that he asked again. I really got tired of that. He kept begging and begging, and I did send him a pic of me, with just a little bit of cleavage. Really nothing going on, he seemed to be disappointed and I felt horrible after that. I swear, I'm cringing when I'm writing this. I thought that sending at least some kind of pic would shut him the fuck up. Well, he thanked and that was basically it. Don't ask why did I send him a pic in the first place, I was 15 years old, panicking.. He was 24 btw.
I know this guy has mental/emotional problems, but that doesn't make this kind of behavior ok.

I need all these "No" stuff too

After that C didn't talk to me as often as he used to. Sometimes when he feels depressed or just randomly asked how I was doing. I know this didn't really happen in a convention, but still people like this do exist, they just act different in a convention, be careful, I guess that I could add that this one time at a convention he was working and he actually kissed my forehead. All of a sudden, without a warning. I was kinda seeing someone back then, but apparently he didn't know about that.

Do you have any creepy convention stories to tell? Let me know.
I'll probably write more stories like this, since I do have exp with the creeps.
I'm out, peace!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lens review; I.Fairy Tofi Gold plus Mileena makeup test 2

I shall bless people with a lens review this morning, haha! It's been a long while

The ones I'll be reviewing will be I.Fairy Tofi Gold, yeey! \o/

Base curve; 8.60
Diameter; 16.2
Water content; 55%

I got these lenses from Jäätynyt Enkeli, since he didn't need them. I took a look at them and thought they would go well with Mileena cosplay since her eyes are yellow sometimes red, sometimes even orange, I see them mostly yellow. Inspired from that I also decided to do a makeup test for Mileena, since last time I wasn't fully satisfied with the outlook though the teeth looked fine.

Notice me senpai the enlargement!

As a side note, my own eyes aren't really intensive brown, they are more hazel-like, in some lightings my eyes can even turn green! 

Here's some more lens-pics! All the pics are taken by Shiro Samurai, thanks to him! :)

Warm/yellow light 

White light 

note to self, darken yo eyebrows, now they're byebrows

This pic's taken with flash 

Bathroom light

These lenses were very comfortable! I could chill with these over 9 hours, without any sort of problems! I couldn't even imagine that I'd ever be able to roll with them that long.. I thought that about 6 hours would be the max, but nope. So yeah, these guys shall come to conventions with me when ever I'll be debuting Mileena + other possible characters with yellow eyes. 

 Now pics from distance! 

 About the makeup, I do like how the eye makeup turned out, all I need to remember now are again, the eyebrows. I didn't really feel like painting the teeth this time since Mileena wears a mask too most of the time. This time the "mask" and the wig was lent from Shiro Samurai which was really nice 'cause my own hair doesn't really work with Mileena, I mean with blue bangs and everything haha!

To compress this review;

Color: 9/10 
Nice and noticeably yellow.

Design: 9/10 
I like the pattern on the lenses, kinda reminds me of flower pedals.

Opacity: 9/10
Very opaque. Neverminding the big pupil hole though.

Enlargement: 10/10 
These babies gave me really nice big eyes :)

Comfort: 10/10 
As I said, surprisingly comfortable!

Naturalness: 1/10 
Not the most natural ones if you didn't notice.

This was it this time. Hopefully I'll make cosplay progress for next time!

 I'll leave this for buttspiration.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Things I don't have time for - Cosplay edition

Here's the thing, I'm a huge fan of Jenna Marbles and she has made a few videos titled "Things I don't have time for", I actually thought myself that "Hey! There are stuff I don't have time for when it comes to cosplaying!". Sorry if you're not familiar with Jenna Marbles. I'm not sure can fellow cosplayers relate to these things, but I wanna share my thoughts anyway I really don't do this kind of stuff that much.

Thingy number 1; Lash glue, spirit gum, any that kind of stuff, I ain't got that 40 seconds to wait until it gets tacky! When it comes to cosplay makeup, I like to try some stuff first from a scratch at home, and usually I end up using false lashes, but when I'm at a convention, I usually end up not using them. I'm not the most patient person when there's a con to explore! Because of that I just don't use lashes even though I should. I mean  yeah, putting falsies on can be sometimes a bit tricky if it doesn't go to the right place, and of course I can't put the lashes on straight after I've added the glue, 'cause that's when the glue gets everywhere and ruins my whole eye makeup. Lash glue, go eff yourself!

Thingy number 2; Shipping estimates "Okay, you buy this item it could be at your house between January 1st and October 22nd! :DDDDDD" Oh hell naw, I ain't got time for that! I'll get these items from somewhere else!

Thingy number 3: Actually check the typos before publishing blog-posts I've made in here. I usually fix it when a typo or some other shlit like that sticks out like a pickle in a fruit salad, but that doesn't happen that often lol. I know this wasn't really cosplay related, but this IS a cosplay blog right? :DDDDD

Thingy number 4; Actually concentrating on the actual sewing aka fixing small flaws/wrinkles/whatnot during sewing. As I said, I'm not the most patient cosplayer, I just want to get shit done and try the whole thing on, usually end up fixing these flaws so very much later in life if I ever bother to. #Laziness

Thingy number 5; Taking pictures at conventions. This is probably just me, I don't know why, I just don't take pics that much anymore, I used to take pics a lot more a few years back. I have a good camera and all, but when I go through the pics, they're all pics of my cats, pics of my dog or selfies. Note to self, u have yo camaro w/u, taek pics w/it u lazy son of a ----.

Can you relate to any of these? Do you have other stuff you don't have time for? Let me know!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Makeup test and armor making

Hi guys! This one evening I was helping my friend RedMoon with her fursuit, and during that I started working on my first armor, which is going to be a chestplate for Mileena from Mortal Kombat X. I got this idea basically when a friend of mine told me he'd like to do Scorpion from the game, I wasn't sure about it at first, but RedMoon convinced me to do it. Also in MKX Mileena's clothing is actually something that doesn't show THAT much skin. The design is very pretty. I have two versions I'd like to make, they are very similar to another. Only differences are the colors and hair. I'd like to hear your opinions on them, which one do you prefer? Let me know. I actually do have some fabrics in my storage for Kahnum skin tho js.

                Kahnum Mileena                                                                   Tournament Mileena

I did a makeup test for Mileena withOUT the mask on. What I used for teeth was water activating paints by Grimas not sponsored. I'm sorry for the phone-quality pics, but I of course left my camera home.

Reference pic

My face without makeup

Eyeshadow and eyebrows could've been darker, but I'm happy how the teeth turned out,since Mileena is well known of them.

10 minutes of Mortal Kombat and chill and she gives you this look.

What about the chest plate?
I haven't done anything like this before. Good thing that internet is full of tutorials for this kind of stuff. I'm going to use the same methods cosplay guru Sachie used with her Sumia armor. 

I drew the patterns into an ad-paper while holding it to my chest. Cut the patterns off, and re-shaped them until they finally fit. Pro tip! While making a chestplate as a woman, make sure you're wearing the bra you're going to use while wearing the cosplay. 

Patterns for right breast.

After I cut the patterns, I placed on craft foam, drew them, cut the pieces out and then taped them to see if they fit before I'd glue them. I did glue them and added more details on them. I still need to add more before continuing. 
I'll end this one here. More progress later. :)