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Monday, November 14, 2016

Kitacon 2016 - [insert something clever idk]

I'm still alive apparently, so let's get down to this summary, mm'kay~

Kitacon is a small con that was held in Kemi (29th October). This time I was going there with Shiro Samurai, Firith, Frozen Angel and Hasakitsuki. \o/

So yeah, in the convention morning we got ready and people packed into my small car, that's pretty much how it went, our trip from Haparanda to Kemi's Sauvotalo started. At first our group went pretty much where ever they wanted, I personally wanted to check out the building, also there was a few friends I really wanted to meet again, at the same time met some new faces too. It was all nice and chillin'.

-Shiro Samurai is the photographer-
Thank you so much <3

Pretty much the view you get when you entered the dealers room.

Tbh, I was quite tempted to get the rainbow socks.

At first the time went by checking the building and chatting with friends, until I called my brother if he was interested in joining us, he said yes. so me and Shiro Samurai drove to my place to get my brother and Shiro Samurai to change from casual to cosplay. After we were done we would just drive back to Sauvotalo (Kemi is like 10 km away from where I live). When we got back, Shiro (Hatori Sohma - Furuba) and Firith (Ayame Sohma - Furuba) and Frozen Angel (Germany - Hetalia) had a photoshoot, go check the pics out from their blogs if you're interested. ^_^

After photoshooting we went back to the building and there was a crafting room. My artistic side really took me over, and that's how this masterpiece was born:

You saw it coming, I know. I also drew some tentacles, but I have no pics of that piece :'(

After the art-making episode we went to eat and get something from the store and stuff. When we we're done, got back to the building. We wanted to check out the gaming room.

Both of me and my brother established that this games sucks ass.
Though my bro did pretty well playing all the other games meanwhile I just sat down and admired.

I also saw Ronya and her sister! It was so nice to hear from them after a while and share cat pictures together <3 It was so nice x) After some time I went to the Artist's Alley, had a chat with a few friends and even kept company one of them for a while. Maletsu was selling prints, and had a long day so of course I'd keep her company, It was nice to talk with her about cons and have some nostalgic moments when the topic of Naruto series and Akatsuki came *sigh* <3

After the con was coming to an end, I took my brother back home, and drove back to Kemi again.
When  get back to Kemi, that's when I screw things up with my car, I don't want to get in detail, you can read that shit from my friends blogs, but in the end managed to somehow fix things and take these people back to Haparanda, and my stupid-ass-self back home.

In conclusion the con itself was nice, very chill. 10/10 would go again.
The game room was a really nice thing to have, since Kitacon never had that before, it was enjoyable to play a bit and watch other people play too. :)

That was my summary guys! I hope I delivered it to this effin' blog!

Tits out.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Skecon 2016 plans!

[insert a stupid sex pun here}

So yeah! Skecon is coming soon! And yeah, I'll actually work there. I'm super excited and nervous since it's my first time working in a convention lol I don't speak swedish. This years Skecon squad consists: Shiro Samurai, Firith and Marcus 
Even though I'm working, Saturday is almost off, so that's a good chance to put a cosplay on. I would've fixed a cosplay if I knew earlier, but oh well, no matter. Here's my cosplay;

Character: Super Sonico
Series: SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation

I know I'm gonna freeze a bit, but this one I could actually pull off from my closet. Except the shorts, mine are red.. Don't hate me.♥ I didn't know about Saturday until a while ago as I said.

See ya in the con! Tits out!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Lens review; Flora Blossom Green

Good evening fellas!

Since I'm waiting my game to download I might as well throw a lens review for you guys! These pics are taken long time ago, so what you are about to see is me like half a year ago. I'm practically a fetus here! So let's get started! Flora Blossom Green

Shiro Samurai is the photographer

These lenses had that perfect shade of green and blue together. That was really needed for my Atago cosplay (KanColle).  Also thanks for the golden/yellow color, it blended a lot neater to my own eyes.

One lens in

Notice how moe I got from the other side.

Facing window

Bathroom light

Flash photo

White corridor light

Yellow corridor light

Yellow staircase light

Outdoors back against light

Outdoors facing light

Distance photo


Color: 9/10
Absolutely beautiful. It was needed for my cosplay, it really worked, I would totally go with these guys again <3
Design: 8/10
I love the flower-petal-ish print that's going on there. It looks pretty x)
Enlargement: 9/10
You can see from the one lens in pic. The difference is huge!
Opacity: 8/10
They cover pretty well your eye color.
Naturalness: 3/10
No too much naturalness going on, but it's ok!
Comfort: 9/10
I could go a whole convention day with these easily!

Hopefully you found this helpful!
I'm going to work on some halloween stuff now ;)

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lucy/Nyu Elfen Lied photoshoot

Hey cuties!

So as you may know that I've cosplayed as Lucy/Nyu from  Elfen Lied, but I never had a proper photoshoot with the cosplay. Since it's still Fall and it's not dark and I got a great photographer, I decided to grab that cosplay and photoshoot it! 

Photographer/edit: Shiro Samurai
Lucy: Me

Honestly I had a lot of struggles with this cosplay, especially with the makeup, but now that I look at the pics afterwards, they turned out surprisingly good. I was really tired and was basically just derping a lot! Don't worry, I have pics of those moments too..

Kill me.

Notice how my eyeliner killed itself.

I love the expression of this.
Don't take even think about taking the swing! >8C

Of course because this is my blog I wanted this piece of art in here too.
Appreciate and caress the hell out of it.

Hope you enjoyed this and I'll catch up with you next time!
I'll go and drink bleach now.

Tits out!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

I'm just dropping this one here

Hi easily offended millennials!

I've wanted to talk about this topic, but for obvious reasons, I can't without a shitstorm to happen at some point. This morning I was on YouTube since I got a notification that Undoomed uploaded a new video. I never even imagined he would ever cover this topic and  I'm so happy that he did. Just thank you Undoomed! I've been a fan of you for some time now :) Anyway, I'll just let the video do all the talking, 

"Normal cosplayers don't choose their character because of their race, they choose who they like."
-Undoomed 2016

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Convention fuckboy - Story time!

I'm not saying that convention relationships do not work, I know a few people who met at cons and started a relationship that is actually working! This is just my experience that I want to get out of my chest.

It was over a year ago in a small convention when I met this guy. The con lasted three days (Friday-Sunday). I just got to the con area, changed to my cosplay and sat down and had a snack after a long bus trip. This guy, let's call him F (for fuckboy) and his friends joined me out of nowhere, I knew none of these people, but we had weird and funny conversations. I did not take a notice on F in the group (there were 3 guys), but after that weird chat, F came up to me many times during the first day of the con (he was actually one of the workers in the con, so he basically tried his best to find me when ever he had breaks). When it was late (read: close to midnight), he asked me to join him for a while in the evening, since he had to check on peoples con bands alone. I stayed with him for a while, but soon left since, well I really wanted to sleep.

Now on Saturday F started to show more interest in me. I assumed the whole day that he was just joking around, that's naturally how I think/react when this kind of shit happens. Well, it was evening, I changed out of my cosplay and just hang around with my group that I arrived to the con with. It didn't take long until F joined us, and asked me to go outside for smoking with him a few times. When we smoked our last cigs for the evening, there was only one seat left, and this is where he suggested me to sit on his lap, ok, cool, why not. I sat on his lap, he licked my face, and kissed me and made it clear to me that he was really interested, after that evening, he called me his girlfriend, and tbh, I didn't mind. Sure I didn't know this guy that well, but hey, I wanted to believe that this would go somewhere. I mean, he seemed like a nice laid-back guy. And sure, he was. I admit.

Sunday was the last day of the con, and I spent almost the whole day with F. A friend of ours kinda saw this happen and announced to a group of people (her friends I assume) that F has a new gf. The group of people asked who, and she pointed at me. People, gave me quite nasty looks and probably at this point bells should've started ringing, but no, I did not think about it much at the time, sure it was uncomfortable to be stared at, but I shrugged it off. I mean, during the whole weekend, this guy was such a gentleman for me and we shared same interests in gaming and music.

After I got home, he took contact almost immediately. We talked everyday. We both also had cars, so visiting wasn't a problem. His text patterns sure were fuckboy-ish most of the time, but I let it slide.

After a long time being really active talking, he started to have periods when he wouldn't talk to me at all. I got a bit worried, I mean, sure he might have something going on in his life, but he could've informed me about it. Well, it still went on, until this Autumn evening, when he sent me a message where he tells me he has been seeing this other girl for a while, and wanted to break up with me. It didn't hurt me that much, I kinda saw it coming actually, so no problem.

After that there was a long break when we wouldn't talk to each other, and for a good reason, until he sends me a message asking me how I was doing and letting me know that he broke up with this girl. After that, he let me know that he wouldn't think of me as a girlfriend, but as a friend who he could have sex with and then go for a beer like nothing happened. He was also sure that I'd be okay with it. No, I'm really not. That only showed me that he didn't know me at all. Well it didn't end there. He still messages me casually and sends me weird photos of himself and sometimes pictures of some random girls he wants to date. I don't know, it's just plain weird if you ask me. Sure I would've been ready to just be friends with him, but he didn't seem to understand what I mean when I say we're friends.

I guess there's no moral to the story, it was kinda my fault to just go with a guy I didn't even know.

Tits out!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Närcon Summer 2016 - Cosplay turned to coldplay

Hi babes!

It's finally time for me to talk about Närcon Sommar 2016 (28-31 July)! My group included Shiro Samurai, Karri and Vicktor. Bunch of awesome people.
So, me, Shiro Samurai  and Karri drove from Haparanda to Umeå on Tuesday (the first day of con would be Thursday), and spent a night at Vicktor's place. This made things a lot easier since we all would have a long trip ahead. There isn't really much to say about the trip. Everything went well I think. So let's fast forward when we actually reached Linköping

This bridge tho! Just saying.

We arrived on Wednesday, a day before convention. This made everything easier, since we got our tickets a bit earlier and we were able to sleep and rest until the actual convention started.
Finding the camping at first sure was a bitch, but we found it soon and got to set up the tent, throw our stuff in there and sleep. Sure we checked the actual con area for a while. 


We woke up, all sweaty. So of course we went to the showers. What I got to hear from a few people in showers was that things were a lot better last year. This years shower facilities weren't that good compared to last years. I can understand that. I wasn't in Närcon last year, but from what I've heard from other fellow congoers, things sure haven't gone to better. Situation in short version; More people in camping -> Less showers. That sucks.

I went all casual that day and it was fine. I wasn't too inspired to cosplay anyway. What I did during the day was strolling through convention with Shiro Samurai. 

Of course there just had to be Pokémon go -teams drawn :'DD

My beautiful piece of art. When will I grow up?

Dining area and you can also see the Campus road behind it.

The Campus road

There isn't really that much to tell about Thursday. We strolled around the area, ate pasta kebab and at some point actually found ourselves at the Artist's Alley. It was quite close to the "real convention area". A lot closer than camping area. And it was cool. We found some cool stuff and shit!

Adorable amigurumi figures!

 When it got late and dark, we headed back to camping, crawled to our tent and went to sleep. Or at least tried. You see, it was cold af during the night! Usually when you go camping at that time of the year, it's nice and cool. It's usually the morning that's difficult, but this time the night-time was difficult too. I forgot my pillows and blankets and didn't even bring any extra clothing (like wool socks) 'cause it's so hot and I wouldn't need them anyways.. I've never been so wrong in my entire life. I still regret that.

And just like Thursday morning, we woke up sweaty. Shiro Samurai and I woke up before Karri, so we went to the con building to get ourselves some breakfast. Pancakes were the cheapest option, and didn't sound too bad.
That's my face when I get pancakes.
Mänkki is pleased

After breakfast we strolled the convention again. Not only because there might be some new stuff to get, but also because we were waiting for the Sun to go down a bit. It was a hot day and at least I don't want to sweat too much in a cosplay.

Figures from the figurine room

KanColle waifus

It didn't take too long until the Sun was settles enough. We headed back to the camping and put our cosplays on, or at least most of it, basically we put our cosplay makeup in the con building, in a toilet. My costume for that day was Fiona from Haunting Ground.

Photographer: Shiro Samurai
Fiona: Me

Fiona sure was comfortable to wear, and I'm pretty sure I'll wear her again, I'll just get a new wig and fix it a little bit. 
After taking a few photos, we kept walking around the con. We also got to meet some new faces. Shout out to the German Touken Ranbu cosplayers! You guys were so lovely and I hope we'll meet again!

League of Legends hats and poro's <3

Some posters hanging on there

One of the outdoor areas 

Hammocks and people chillin'

My inner child woke up

 Main building's entrance

At the main building's entrance was Bandai Namco gaming booth where you could give Tekken 7 and Tales of Berseria games a go. I did play Tekken 7 for a while after being pressured by Shiro Samurai and some other guy who was playing. I got beaten up by Asuka all the time basically, but overall it was fun to try some of the new characters. I kinds liked Lucky Chloe before, but now I like her even more since I was able to win one battle against that Asuka. I'm still proud of that XD

The Gaming Booth

Just like the day before, when it got late, cold and dark it was time for us to go back to the camping area, back the tent. This night wasn't that cold, so it was not too bad.


I was supposed to cosplay as Super Sonico, but forgot the headphones in the car, so I just took blue yukata and put on a wig and just rolled with it. The Odd thing about this morning was we didn't see Karri that morning at all. ._.


I want to remember it being Saturday when me and Shiro Samurai tried to find a surprise for my little brother, My brother is a huge fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, but we couldn't find merchandise from the series. That was super strange 'cause as far as I can remember there's always been a lot more stuff from the series. Now that we were searching, we didn't come up to that many, I personally remember the Cloud figurine. That's it. Well, good thing my he also like Marvel and DC, we were able to find this Harley Quinn mug. I was so happy that he liked it. x)

I will get that shrimp some day

People were having a lot of fun expressing they're art skills x)


At some point of the day I got these cramps on my stomach and my legs were soo, so hurt, I went to the convention nurse, and I gotta say, I was super nervous going there, but the nurse I got was super nice and helpful. Soon I was able to walk again and thanks for the painkillers she gave me, didn't suffer from cramps that much. :)

Guess which one of the artworks is mine.


Pile(s) of cards

Shiro Samurai got tired of wearing his Ibuki cosplay, so we decided to go change our clothes. He changed to his Greece cosplay and I rolled with Batman shirt and a black skirt.
After the change we headed back to the convention and found this Hetalia meet up. Since Shiro Samurai was cosplaying Greece, of course we went to it x)


We spent some time with the group, but when it split up, me and Shiro Samurai went to Pokémon Gaiden to play some Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Inside the pokémon gaiden

That's pretty much how we spent rest of the evening. We took a look at the party that was going outside, but didn't participate, since we aren't really that kind of people ^^''

People were raving hard x)


Waking up was difficult, but we had to pack our stuff and dismantle the tent. Vicktor drove the car closer to the camping so getting our stuff in there would be a lot easier.
Me and Shiro Samurai wanted to get Donkey Kong drinks from the josbar, but they didn't really have ingredients left, so our hopes of getting those fell there. We went to the con building again to see what's going on. The sellers had a lot of offers and I remember buying one of those face censor masks with Resident Evil's Umbrella corporation logos on it. It might come handy later.

After checking stuff out, we went back to the car, and started our journey back to Umeå. We would spend a night in there and continue back home from there the next day. 

Overall the convention was fun and I enjoyed it a lot. Next time I just gotta remember to bring more blankets and pillows and wool socks and everything to keep me warm e_e The coldness was unbearable.
Also I do hope Närcon will fix the shower facilities.

That should be all I have to say about this journey. Blogger actually crashed at some point as I was writing this, so yeah, I got a bit pissed off right there. 

Tits out!