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Friday, July 24, 2015

Kummacon - Shepard Photoshoot!

Hello gadies and lentleman!
I don't have a proper con summary to offer (since this comes kinda late..), but at least I have photoshoot pics for you! \o/ Hopefully that'll do.

Btw, got also my nickname changed here~ If possible, use Sacchan from now on, okay? ^^ 
Reasons for a sudden change are personal, let's not make a big deal out of it.
Hopefully this doesn't bother anyone <3

Now the pictures!

Cosplayer: Me
Photographer: Shiro Samurai

I still have something more to show you after all this serious-facing! :'D

"Photobomb me one more time..." >8D 

The ninja photobomb! 

This was all I had to offer you this time! Stay serious not! c;

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Skecon cosplay plans!

Brace yourselves, Skecon is coming. 
No, but really, Skecon is really soon and I must say I've been struggling with the cosplays I'd bring there and I still feel kinda unsure about these choises da hell's wrong with me, somebody halp. Anyways, I know I haven't really been posting anything here have I really posted shlit here before anyway? but I have been working on two new cosplays, and these will be the characters I'll be cosplaying in the con.

Lucy/Nyu - Elfen Lied
This is gonna be great, 'cause I won't be toasting that much and I can play with fake blood or bodypaint if you ask me. The black/grey dress and horns are self-made, but rest parts are found from second hand shops, I just realized I have to style my wig ooops.

Aiko Fabulous Niwa - Corpse Party: Book of Swag Shadows (manga)
(The girl with black hair). I didn't need to work with this that much, since she's wearing the same school uniform as Naho, but she has jewelry and some other small details that makes her sooo fab and fashionable. c; It's good to be back in the Corpse Party fandom again <3

I probably just put some nerdy clothes on or a band t-shirt or something.. Or maybe I'll bring Naho...or Shepard.. I don't know, you'll see :'D

Smell ya in Skecon! ^^